Meet the Trainer – Kathryn Jones

Meet me, Kathryn the Trainer and Behaviourist behind Complicated Canines.

Training your dog, for me is a requirement for all dog owners. It’s more than just a way to have an easy life, it’s a way to have a happy dog.

All too often we leave training til the issues got out of hand, allowing dogs to be labeled as “problems” or “out of control” when really they lack any sort of understand of the world they are expected to live in. I’ve made it my mission to help those dogs, and their owners.

It’s time we all turned our complicated canines into calm companions.

So about me, I started off my actual career in training security dogs. But before that I started a degree in Applied Animal Behaviour at Anglia Ruskin University, it gave me a well balanced understanding of the theory behind training, and how dogs learn. But upon going into my third year and realising I could no longer stick being stuck in a classroom, I decided to take my Foundation degree and get some real life practical skills.

I fell in love with the rehabilitation and training of Security dogs. Both the detection dogs and general purpose dogs, aka the bitey bastards. A company took me under their wing, and began my training. I lived and breathed mental dogs for over 6 months.

Turning dogs around was amazing. Dogs that had been labeled “dangerous” for good reason. Dogs with bite histories, behavioural issues as long as your arm, and dogs that the police even gave up on.

But dogs that became awesome at their respected jobs after some consistency and training. What they needed in life was direction, and we gave it to them.

Seeing these dogs bloom into amazing security dogs was a real highlight, and it’s really the reason I am good at my job. I turned out of control beasts into well mannered and most of all safe working dogs.

While the average pet isn’t a security dog, they are basically needing the same thing. Training, consistency and an outlet for breed behaviour.

I transfer a lot of those skills over into the pet home, and especially for behaviour cases.

Understanding a dog’s behaviour is important on both a physical and mental level. I’m constantly backing up my practical training with theoretical training. I’ve attended seminars with world class speakers such as Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, Jane Killion, Craig Oglvie and many more.

My practical skills aren’t generally gained in consult, but with my own rescue dogs. I reach out to rescues, councils and private homes wishing to get help for dogs with bite histories. Dogs that we believe can be rehabilitated. I specialise in guardian breeds such as German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Herders, Cane Corsos, Giant Schnauzers and the likes. Having spent my life with these breeds and more. (My largest were a 75kg Antonian Shepherd and an 86kg Caucasian Shepherd – I only weigh 75kg….) I hold a special love for a dog which is willing to defend you to the very end, no matter what. Even if they are in the wrong.

I want to be able to say to my clients, I know how your feeling and I’ve been there. It’s really hard to understand the feeling it dread, worry and anxiety when owning a complicated dog, with behavioural issues unless you’ve actually owned one. (Or in my case over 80 rescue dogs in 6 years)

I’m currently sharing my life with Four German Shepherds, A German Shepherd X Malinois, A Dutch Herder, Two Springer Spaniels and An Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog (Love a cheeky bullbreed in the home). Never mind the odd rescue or three.

I’m not only a canine behaviourist, but I’m also a certified Mantrailing UK Instructor, a sport for all dogs and which is ideal for the more difficult dogs, as it’s high mental burn and individually worked. I run Trailing K9s in North Wales as well (

I’m also an NTIPDU Security Dog Trainer and Handler. I train dogs and handlers up to a high standard, and do this part time around my main dog training work. It’s my guilt pleasure training guardy dogs to protect their handlers, and ultimately the community.

Know that when you train with me, you train with someone who has probably experienced your issues. Someone who has actual experience of hundreds of breeds, especially the guardian breeds.

All in all if you had to describe me with one sentence it would be. “A dog addict with balls of steel to stand in front of those mental dogs and not back down”.

Kathryn Jones – Here to help you solve your dogs issues for good.

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