Dog Trainer, Canine Behaviourist and Dog Collector

  • Kathryn Jones
  • FdSc AAB Applied Animal Behaviour
  • NTIPDU Instructor and Dog Handler
  • Mantrailing UK Head Trainer
  • CFBA Member
  • Ran Clever Fox Canine Training and Behaviour in Lancashire for 5 years before moving to Wales
  • Lives with 9 dogs and counting
  • Rescues dogs with bite histories, and rehabilitates them

The Start –

My real journey into dog training didn’t start with some agenda to save every dog in the world. After completing a degree in Animal Behaviour I set out to work with dogs full time. Landing a job working at a security dog training facility in North Wales, I trained there for almost a year full time and learned a lot. But one I finished there the real training began.

It started with a fear biting dog named Ghost. A white skinny nervous biting German Shepherd.

My first real Complicated Canine. I thought I knew it all after doing my degree in animal behaviour, and working with security dogs. I knew a lot don’t get me wrong. But nothing really prepares you for life with a dog with so many issues.

Real Life Learning –

I understood the theory and I understood how to get the best aggression out of a dog wanting to harm people. I knew how to tone down crazy behaviour and build in superb training. But to actually have to live with a nutcase dog was a whole other level.

A dog that would attempt to bite me to get off the lead to bite others. A dog so fearful of the world he screamed and hit the deck with anything new.

He was under socialised, fear aggressive, reactive and had a huge complex to take control. He was a danger to himself and anyone around him.

A dog so messed up, I honestly thought putting him down was the kindest option. A year of serious hard work, a lot of tears and a lot of real life learning and that dog turned out to be not only my best stooge dog for training but a steady dog for all my dogs to role model themselves on. A dog I could take anywhere and not worry about. A dog I trusted my life with while working. A dog that had my back.

I’ve done all the courses, been to the seminars, kept up with the latest science and knowledge in dog training. But nothing makes you a better trainer than a complicated dog. He’s been my muse for years, and is the reason I take bite history dogs on to give them a second chance. He’s turned dogs around that no one else could.

He was my first real life TURD – Troublesome, Unpredictable, Reactive Dog.

Dogs Teach Dogs Better Than Us-

As dogs speak dog, better than humans speak dog. It’s something we forget in all the training jargon today. I give the rescue dogs a chance to thrive with me and the pack. To not use biting as the only way out. He’s been followed by about 80 rescue dogs all with extreme and often very unpredictable aggression, all who came into my care as the last resort. Usually working breeds such as German Shepherds, Malinois, Cane Corsos and Spaniels.

I now have my second complicated dog to add to the pack, after loosing Ghost. Vinnie, a Alapaha Bullblood Bulldog X American Bulldog with a whole host of mental issues. He’s got a bit history, and as a puppy shouldn’t be acting the way he is. But I’ll work my magic and get him right. He’s keeping me on my toes, but will be my best role model for dogs. He’s already starting the signs to be an awesome dog with the right training.

Ghost left me a legacy of amazing dogs, my own dogs are all excellent stodge dogs and all help me in behaviour cases. They all have their role to play in the rehabilitation of dogs who are nervous, wild, frustrated or aggressive.

I currently own A German Shepherd, A German Shepherd x Malinois, Two Springer Spaniels and an Alapaha x American Bulldog.

I know how to help you with your dog, because I’ve lived your issues. I know the heart ache, the pain, the tears and the joys of owning a wonderfully Complicated Canine.

Ghost, the dog who taught me more than any book could.
Ghost, the dog that taught me more than any book could.

Is it time to sort out your TURD? or do you want to make sure your puppy doesn’t become a TURD? Then its time to get in touch