Canine Coaching

Are you shouting your dogs name over and over again? and still getting the cold shoulder?
Are you dreading the morning walk because there will be other dogs out there?
Are social walks non existent as you are embarrassed about your dogs behaviour?
Call your dog a TURD daily?


Want to tame your unruly dog?

Training a complicated dogs is hard work, it is getting up early to avoid dogs. Its learning new skill, while trying to rein in a 50kg beast. It is feeling like you have to apologise for having a dog with issues, over and over again. It’s not wanting to get up and walk the dog. It’s praying you don’t see a dog, cat, person, bird or rabbit on your walk and you know you’ll end up going for an unscheduled run.

Frankly its hard work.

But it is time to change it up and get real support, some real knowledge and finally make some progress. Having someone to support and coach you along the journey is going to lead you to success. Having a professional guide you on your journey lifts some of that weight.

Training Packages for You:

Every package is designed for you. Four sessions is the minimum I offer in order to make sure we get the results we need. Dog training takes time, and trying to rush everything in one session isn’t enough. Dog training is designed for you and your dog, and to get to the very bottom of why your dog is reactive, out of control, or just doesn’t listen to you takes time.

These four sessions are at your home or on location. We usually start with the first session in the home, so we can start with the foundations in a comfortable environment. I cover everything from bad manners in the home, to recall issues or lack of focus. Right up to aggression towards people and dogs.

I use my own trained dogs as part of the rehabilitation process with your dog, in order to teach them good dog manners or as leaders to show your dog the ropes in the real world. Dogs speak dog better than humans speak dog. Sometimes the progression comes from dogs learn from other dogs, having my pack is invaluable to teach dogs.

What to Expect:

I’ve changed the lives of hundreds of dogs turning them from reactive rovers to calm canines. This starts with the foundations, building up to more complicated training as we progress.

The reason I work in four session packages is so you get the support you need throughout the training. Rome wasn’t built in a day and modifying a dog behaviour isn’t as easy as slapping a new lead on. It takes time, and being there to coach you, support you and make sure you get the results you want are important so we get success.

You have me on tap during the training for support calls, checking your on track via videos, being there for the successes and set backs.

In each session we build on from the other, we set in the foundations and address the very source of the issues. Rather than trying to squash behaviour. The first session is about two hours long, and further sessions are an hour or so. We can train at your home, on location or a my cottage.

I have owned and rescued dogs from all sorts of situations, with various behavioural issues. Along with completing study into how dog learn with hundreds of hours of learning, I have also lived with dogs who really were the definition of complicated. You are getting more than a trainer filled with ideas from books, but an experienced canine behaviourist who has actually lived with complicated and dangerous dogs and turned them around.

We start with four sessions to maximise the training, further sessions are available and packages can be extended at a discount. . Unlimited online or on the phone help is included in all packages.

Is it time to ditch the books and unsolicited advice from friends and get real help? Owning a dog shouldn’t be complicated.

To get started then fill out the BEHAVIOUR CONSULT FORM, and we can arrange a call from there.

Behavioural help can include, but is no limited to –

  • Recall
  • Manners
  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Dog to Dog Issues
  • Lead Frustration
  • (I no longer deal with seperation anxiety cases)


Single Consult £120 which is a two to two and a half hour session with phone follow up.

Four session package £275, including initial session and three follow on sessions, and phone follow up.

“We are getting married in June, and had the crazy idea that we would be able to have our two dogs out with us on the day…. we would just need to stop one from barking aggressively at every person she meets, and stop the other one from jumping up and harassing them with love. Factor in they are both over 60kg, Great Danes, and we only had 3 months to do it, we needed someone who knew what they were doing! We contacted Kathryn, and it was the best thing we have ever done. There was a difference after just one session, we started gaining back control. After three sessions, we were in control. Something as simple as having friends round to the house is now possible. We can understand our dogs body language, we can communicate with them better and play better with them. Polly has actually started wagging her tail, which is just unbelievable for us, because she was so uptight before. For us as a family, we are so grateful Kathryn was able to walk us through every step, and knew exactly what she was doing. We cannot wait to have our big girls out with us on our big day. Genuinely, the best thing we ever did for our dogs, is to ask Kathryn for help. Cannot recommend her enough

Beth Sharples