Captain of the Black Pearl – KC Registered English Springer Spaniel

Captain is a stocky liver and white Spaniel. He was bred by myself and I own his mother. He has strong liver markings and is likely to throw puppies with a full or mainly liver face, as well as stocky and tall.

He is from working gundog lines and has an excellent work ethic, originally bred for detection work he has since been moved over to Mantrailing after a shift in work roles. He has an excellent nose and keen drive. He has dabbled in gundog work but it is not something I have pursued personally but he would excel. He will throw himself into any challenge and isn’t phased by brush or cover.

He has passed his Level 1 Mantrailing Assessment and is working towards his Level 2, which is only delayed due to Covid.

He is a great house pet also as he has a nice off switch. He can easily switch between working and settling. Which is what I strive for in my working Spaniels. Manic dogs do not make easy pets, and a level headedness is what I look for in my dogs second to working ability. He is friendly with dogs and people, but not obsessed with them.

KC Registered as Captain of the Black Pearl – DOB 20th August 2019

Tested Clear for:
Acral Mutilation Syndrome GDNF () CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1 (c.100G>A) CLEAR
Exercise-Induced Collapse DNM1 (c.767G>T) CLEAR
Familial Nephropathy COL4A4 (c.2806C>T) CLEAR
Fucosidosis FUCA1 () CLEAR
Glycogen Storage Disease VII (Phosphofructokinase deficiency) PFKM (c.2228G>A) CLEAR
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-CORD1/PRA-crd4) RPGRIP1 (gross insertion) CLEAR
Shaking puppy syndrome PLP1 (c.110A>C) CLEAR

Copy of his Pedigree is available on request.

Stud Fee is £350 for two mating’s 48 hours apart. It is the bitches owners responsibility to bring the bitch at the right time in her cycle. It is highly recommended to have her progesterone tested to make sure we are breeding on the optimal dates. If the bitch does not get pregnant on the first mating’s then you will be offered a second mating chance at the next season.

Located near Oswestry, Shropshire.

Call Kathryn on 07891201671 for more information or to book him.