Start your puppy off right

Do you dream of sitting in a pub garden after having had a long family walk with the dog off the lead?
The puppy now calmly settled at your feet while you eat?
A puppy which recalls from other dogs with one call?
Dreaming of a puppy which doesn’t pull and is a joy to walk?
Do you want to make sure that dream becomes a reality?


Every puppy is an individual, and the training you undertake should reflect that.
Its why I offer a one to one approach on puppy training, rather than being lumped in a class with 10 other puppies.

Get in touch today to get your puppy started on the right track. Puppy training doesn’t need to be complicated.

When to Start Training:

Puppies are super spongy in learning from 8 weeks up until 6 months old, it is the easier time to teach the things you need to have a happy, calm and obedient adult dog. So we recommend starting training as soon as that puppy arrives home.

In the initial four sessions, at your home or on location, we cover everything from toilet training, and manners with guests, to recall and heel work. We can guide your puppy towards being a well rounded and easy to live with adult dog.

How it Works:

We work on a one to one basis so you get more than just the same old basics, but a personal and tailored plan of action. We also work at your own pace, and your puppies pace. Instead of being stuck on an 8 week plan like most classes.

We avoid all the common mistakes people make, and focus on the important socialisation, manners and real like skills.

I use my own trained dogs as part of the training process with your dog, in order to teach them good dog manners or as leaders to show your dog the ropes in the real world. Puppies can learn many things from other dogs we simply can’t teach, such as the language of play.

I have brought up both my own puppies and fostered difficult puppies for local rescues, all of which have taught me more about raising a puppy each time they come.

Having a puppy can be bliss, or it can be hell on earth. Having a little help along the way can make all the difference.

We generally work in four to eight session packages, split over a month or several. Online and on the phone follow ups are included in the sessions as standard.

Single two hour session £75

Four session package £200

Each session is tailored to you and your training goals, as well as how your puppy is motivated.

To get started then fill out the PUPPY CONSULT FORM, and we can arrange a call from there.

(We can upgrade to a whole days training if your traveling from afar, to really give you all the tools to train your puppy… find out more HERE)

“We haven’t had a dog before and I was anxious about pretty much everything, house training, walking on a lead, having a happy puppy, travelling in a car, recall etc.  A friend with a puppy recommended Kathryn and I decided to have a chat with her.  I liked Kathryn from our first telephone chat, she was so down to earth and I just knew she was the right trainer for our family.  So I had Kathryn on board before Chester even came to live with us, which was a really great idea as she gave us tips on how to prepare for Chester, and how to deal with the first couple of days.  We opted for a puppy package of 4 face to face appointments, id highly recommend this to anyone, Kathryn brought  her dogs to meet Chester, so his first experience of an extremely large dog (Titan, a magnificent white German Shepherd) was a positive one.  Kathryn observed how we interacted with Chester and gave us tips on how we could improve our techniques.  The face to face appointments are great, but it’s the extra support that is invaluable and in my opinion goes above and beyond what you can get in puppy classes.  Little things have popped up as Chester has grown (hes now 5 months) and Kathryns always responded to my e mails very quickly. Kathryns keen to stop issues developing so she likes to nip things in the bud. Chester is a wonderful pup, hes fitted in so well to our family, Kathryns taught us so much about how we need to think of things from Chesters point of view and shes given me a much better understanding of how to interpret Chesters body language.  Chesters fully house trained, walks to heel (with a bit of bribery ), travels happily in a car,  comes back when called, is confident with other dogs, settles well at home, settles when out in cafes and restaurants, plays well with both humans and children,   I cant thank her enough for all her help and support.”

Sarah Felton